AARMAC Transport is taking applications from experienced Owner-Operators that would like to join our team. Owner-Operators will haul crude oil under AARMAC Transport's authority and master service agreements. The job is located in Stanley, North Dakota and surrounding areas. Openings may also be available in Greeley, Colorado.

     Trucks must have 4-axles, licensed to 105,500 pounds in North Dakota and Montana. Trailers must meet DOT-407 specifications and have an overflow diverter valve installed. We do not accept MC-306 spec trailers nor those converted from gas hauling.

     An owner-operator leased to AARMAC Transport can expect to earn $300,000- $350,000 per year per truck (running 12 hours per day). Obviously, adding a second driver and a trailer will increase the earnings per power unit.


Owner-Operator Lease Agreement

This contract is provided as a reference only.

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Questions? Contact Lisa Selby at

(701)248-8089 or careers@aarmactransport.com