AARMAC Transport is taking applications from experienced Owner-Operators that would like to join our team. Owner-Operators will haul crude oil under AARMAC Transport's authority and master service agreements. Work is located in North Dakota and surrounding states.

     Trucks must have 4-axles, licensed to 105,500 pounds in North Dakota and Montana. Trailers must meet DOT-407 specifications and have an overflow diverter valve installed. We do not accept MC-306 spec trailers nor those converted from gas hauling.

     An owner-operator leased to AARMAC Transport can expect to earn $300,000- $350,000 per year per truck (running 12 hours per day). Obviously, adding a second driver and a trailer will increase the earnings per power unit.


Owner-Operator Lease Agreement

This contract is provided as a reference only.

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Questions? Contact Crystal Hayden at

(701)248-8088 or careers@aarmactransport.com