Company Drivers

     AARMAC Transport is now hiring full-time truck drivers to safely and efficiently load, transport, and unload crude oil or water from customer locations to disposal sites. The work is lacated in North Dakota and surrounding states.

      Drivers will work six 12-hour shifts per week, with shift changes at 5:00 am and 5:00 pm. Drivers will be paid $15 per hour during training, then 25% per load therefter. Full-time company drivers working 70 hours per week can look to earn at $100,000 per year.

      Temporary shared company housing may available, but drivers are encouraged to find their own living arrangements as soon as feasible. Medical and dental insurance is available after 60 days and is free for the driver. Vision insurance is also available.

      All drivers working under AARMAC Transport must have at least 3 years of CDL driving experience. If this experience is not in the oil fields then there should be verifiable experience in off-road trucking with a tanker, flatbed, or lowboy trailer. Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat endorsements required.


In addition, applications are required to:
• Pass the company road test;
• Pass pre-employment drug & alcohol screenings;
• Successfully complete company orientation and field training;
• Follow company safety procedures;
• Understand and follow directions from supervisors and co-workers;
• Have a great attitude & ability to provide high-level customer service;
• Have the ability to complete all required paperwork in a legible, accurate, and timely manner.


If hired, applicants will need to provide their:
• Drivers license,
• DOT medical card,
• DOT medical long form (physical exam),
• Social security card or passport,

• Hazmat Awareness card or certificate, and
• OSHA10 general industry card or certificate.


Download the Driver application

Questions? Contact Crystal Hayden at

Office (701) 248-8088

Fax (877) 841-0288




Peggy Davis
"When I came to North Dakota I was was looking for a stable, long-term job working for people I like. I had heard about AARMAC Transport through a couple of other drivers but I didn't think that I would meet their high standards. After a few months I still hadn't found a good match so I decided to apply at AARMAC Transport anyway.

"AARMAC Transport is the best employer ever. I like what I'm doing and I love the people that I get to work with. I feel safe working for this company because they are very safety oriented and the vehicles are maintained. The field supervisors and owners are patient and helpful. The dispatchers are flexible with scheduling and the 12-hour shifts leave you with time for your family. It is such a blessing to work here. I don't want to work at any other place."


Shane McGinnis
"When I was thinking about going to work in North Dakota, I starting asking around about the different companies. I talked to a few people and they recommended AARMAC. What I like about AARMAC is that they are family-oriented, they offer health benefits, and they have flexible schedules. I'm still here with AARMAC because I have met a lot of good people that I enjoy working with and working for!"